"Leaving Alone" lyrics - IAIN MATTHEWS

"Leaving Alone"

Been a man that's been around, I been around a long time
I've seen a lot of people go, I've seen a lot of your kind
If you want to run around and you're out on your own
'Cause I know what I'm doin' now, leavin' alone.

Once I had a southern girl in mind for my wife
At a time of innocence, at a time in my life
But I know that what I'm sayin' now was a long time ago
I lost touch with my southern girl, I'm leavin' alone.

Starting here, you're gonna be second to none
Don't see why I got to be leavin' alone.

Caroline she came to me right out of the blue
Sittin' in a coffee house, coming down from the show
She told me how I had a charm all of my own
Caroline, get away from here, I'm leavin' alone.