"Save Your Sorrows" lyrics - IAIN MATTHEWS

"Save Your Sorrows"

Where's the point in us bringin' the doctor in here?
Where's the sense in you holdin' my arm?
Where's the smile when my funny irregular scene works the charm?
Where's the end if we can't find a place to begin?
Where's the money? I've done what you said
Where's the need for my face in this Albion race up ahead?

Take your mind off the life we've been tearin' apart
Take the weight off your feet, take a few
Take your time to align all the factors in favour of you
Take the summer's gone by and get used to it
Take the safest conclusion you find
Take a look on my face in this Albion race of a kind.

Save a thought for the secret we had
Now it's gone and there's nothin' to say, say goodbye
Why not save yourself time and
We'll cancel the truth with a lie.

Save the thought for the soul waitin' next in line
Save your sorrows, there's interest assured
Save the time and the place and whole human race.