ICED EARTH lyrics - Raven Wing

"Raven Wing"

A silhouette casts black shadows
Along the desert floor
Above the trees and mountains
The raven wing soars
A totem of creation
A sign of life and death
Messenger of spirirt realms
Its magic never rests
No, no, no
No, no, no, no
It never rests

When in your darkest moments
And you're trapped in deep despair
You'll never see me coming
But I am always there
I am the wise shape-shifter
And I am always there

If you're choked with inhibition
And you've sown the seeds of doubts
It is my full intention
I will seek you out
I am fates magician
I'll strip you of your doubt

With blackened wings I fly
My mystic spirit guide
An ever watchful sentinel
The raven at my side
With blackened wings I fly
My magic spirit guide
An omen of my transformation
On raven wings I fly

So strip away your vain facade
It's time to face your higher self
Open up your spirit
Begin to trust yourself
I will help raise you
From deepest pits of hell

[Chorus 2x]