ICED EARTH lyrics - Seven Headed Whore

"Seven Headed Whore"

Lord of flies, lord of death, lord of hate
Deceive the masses in the dark, seal their fate
Divide and conquer keep the wicked in control
Hellfire on earth feeds it's stated goals

Fallen angels, acient demons

Seven heads, seven kings, ten horns
Ride the dragon heed the seven headed whore
As the peasants feast on drunken fornication
They feed their children to the beast abomination

Fallen angels, acient demons

Anointed by the crown
The vile heads of state
Form the evil kingdom
Seven headed whore

False gods seed division and deceit
Sovereign city holds the secrets that we seek
Lift the veil as the battle rages on
Kingdoms fall with the whore of babylon

Fallen angels, acient demons

[Chorus 2x]