"Get Off Me, Dog!" lyrics - INSANE CLOWN POSSE

"Get Off Me, Dog!"

"Yo, 2 Dope, man, check this out, man
You know what the word on the streets is, dawg
The word on the streets is that you a bitch
What's up with that, man?"

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Motherfuckers tweak, gotta tweak, why ya tweak?
Golley gosh willakers, me oh my, my oh me
Get off me, dog, before I sting your chin
I let my nutsac flap in the wind
'Cuz I'm 2 Dope, clown love O.G (clown love!)
And it's one chop, two boing, boom chop three (chop! chop!)
In the melon, in the back of the melon
One black, two black eyeballs swelling
Always backwards thinking, thinking backwards lord-oh-lordy
Sippin on the blunt, puffing on a forty-orty
O-Z, muthafuck me
Fuck Stuart Frankie, they call me
Jelly Jell-o boy cuz my nutsac jiggles (jiggles)
And when it's cold out, my nutsac shrivels (shrivels)
And crawls up my booty all warm and snug
And gets chased out by the booty hole bug
Goddamn, I ain't who I am
I'm always fucking big fat bitches named Pam (huh?!)
Nineteen years of breathing smog
Got me mental
So get off me, dog!...

[Hook 14x:]
Get off me dog!
Damn dog, 2 Dope is so fucking fresh!
He said get off me dog, bitch he said get off me dog!
2 Dope is the fucking shit!
I wanna be like 2 Dope man!
Yo, check it out bitch!
You can't handle 2 Dope!
I'm 2 Dope, I call it
Let's play ICP I'll be 2 Dope, alright?
No I'm 2 Dope man..fuck that!
I wanna be like that motherfucker!