"Mr. Jonson's Head" lyrics - INSANE CLOWN POSSE

"Mr. Jonson's Head"

(Violent J)
Sitting in the class with my head on the desk
Teacher's trying to talk but I could give a fuck less
I'm staring at the freak that I know I'm in love with
But she don't even know my name it's always been the same
I just lay my head down and drown in my spit
Nobody even notices I'm here 'cause I ain't shit
I hear voices but I don't know what they saying
Sweat is on my forehead 'cause my brain's inside decaying
And this bitch that I love probably don't have no idea
She's talking to her friends I'm in the corner and I see her
Something's happening but it isn't very clear
Sounds like a bell, sounds like an electric chair
Next thing I know walking in the crowded hall
So many different faces that I throw up on the wall
Some are yelling "sick" and the others stop and stare
But I don't care, I'm in a hurry going nowhere
See, my head is spinning 'cause I'm lonely and I'm twisted
But I have a secret everybody missed it
Just a nobody and I think it's a drag
But I got Mr. Johnson's head in my bookbag

I couldn't stand the pressure, not another day
I didn't like the fucker Mr. Johnson anyway
I sat up in his class, he hung a rebel flag
I cut the bigots head off and I stuffed it in my bag

(Violent J)
I wish somebody knew me 'cause then they could say I'm wrong
But since nobody knows me I got it going on
I'm staring at the clock, I listen for the tock
I gotta couple food stamps folded in my sock
I guess I'm just a ghost 'cause everybody walks through me
If I died in class they would probably say they knew me
Or they wouldn't care, they wouldn't even move
A dead body rotting in the back of the room
For weeks and months, stinking up the class
Until somebody noticed then they throw me in the trash
I can hear the teacher man talking about Columbus
He nothing but an old dead fuck with a compass
Ran up on a beach and threw everybody off
And then he claimed discovery and now we all applaud
I don't give a fuck to learn your uncle went to hell
I'm trapped in mind and my brain is my cell
But I have a key, it's called insanity
I stick in my brain to unlock eternity
Just a nobody and I think it's a drag
But I got Mr. Johnson's head in my bookbag

"Okay, today we're gonna learn about A Great Freedom. If you'll turn
Your textbooks to Chapter Four we'll get started. America's the
Land of the free, all racists live together in harmony, and we are all
Treated equal, we all live togerther in the same wealthy community
And we are alternate equals. Yes?"
"Man, Mr. Johnson already taught us this. Ain't he ever coming back?"
"Uh, uh, he's, uh, very ill right now."

(Violent J)
No, they can sit and front about it all day
But I left his fucking body in the hallway
And in the morning they opened up the door
And seen his motherfucking carcass laying on the floor
But they would never suspect me I'm just a nerd
I try to speak my word, it always goes unheard
I could chop my arms off and run around the class
I doubt they'd even notice, but I'd be dying fast
'Cause they'd rather learn about redneck chicker
Who owned a couple slaves but I guess it doesn't matter
Fuck Washington, Benjamin, fuck 'em all ah
They can suck my nuts till they wood teeth fall out
And the class wanna know who could it be
But I'm like Dewey Boodie, you ain't never heard of me
I'm just a nobody and I think it's a drag
But I got his motherfucking melon chilling in my bookbag