"Kingdom Of The Animals" lyrics - IRON & WINE

"Kingdom Of The Animals"

Jenny was gone, and the moon blooms all shinin'
As we dragged our panic up and down the riverbed
Sweatin' wild and weird in our Sunday clothes

Jenny was gone, though I thought that I knew her
And the rain came howlin' out of Virginia
Blue tick blowin' the water out her nose

Jenny and me, in the front row and singin'
'Bout how heaven calls the kingdom of the animals
All and all revealed to us one day

Jenny and me, on the hilltop and peekin'
At all their upturned bottles jumpin' like leopards
Jaw harp teasin' the brush fire in its rage

Jenny came back, and the wet road still shinin'
In our eyes an angel clear and coronal
Clothed in all that's prodigal and strange

Jenny came back, and I thought that I heard her
Murmur somethin' 'bout no men in Virginia
Spat on the ground like a letter tossed away

[Verse 7]
Jenny and me, in my dead truck and turnin'
Over just where heaven calls the kingdom of the animals
Scratchin' our heads where the wolf would go to lay

[Verse 8]
Jenny and me, as the moon blooms were closin'
And both her wide-eyed brothers runnin' like shepherds
Dreamin' the heat of the fields all in flames