JAY-Z lyrics - Broken English & Drug Sellin'

"Broken English & Drug Sellin'"
feat. Sauce Money

Nickels and dimes, kilos and nines
Can't stop the flow when all we know is crime

Talk broken english and drug selling

[Verse 1:]
I got the formula to success: get yourself
A kilo from Bobbito, then get yourself a couple of peoples
And we can make this work, never let them niggas try to jerk
If they do, put them in the dirt then murk [?]
Get your property some place to harbor these
Get yourself a couple of shorties that shoot a Glock with ease
And lets start clocking G's never let Bobbito sell your flour
Take a [?] now its time to flip 'em like Micky D's
Take your baking soda and your triple beam
Not too much soda gotta keep it potent enough to cripple fiends
And keep em running, coming back keep your gun in lap
In case these niggas try to steal you're crack there'll be none of that
Just lock it down like Comstock nothing better, ak
Don't ever sell a tray on my block you'll need the doc-
-Tor, move fast to have a empty case
When you start seeing dough get that fire proof sentry safe


[Verse 2:]
Hustling 101 welcome to the class
You'll learn the art of dealing history and making broken english your math
I can't teach you how to stash, see myself I hold cash
Every dollar like its my last, cuz it might be
I stay away from hoochies that love Gucci's and Louis
Vuitton - the Don, before I spend do me
Before the sun rose we was out chasing dollars
With a couple of O's that follow downing bottles of [?]
And we celebrating living life 'cuz Hell can wait
First it was capsules now its fish scales and selling weight
What about rapping, rappers always be asking, "What?"
While you was on promo tour I was at home laughing
Stashing, staying in fashion, putting cash in
The fireproof sentry safe if we die for loot


[Verse 3:]
Slacking in the game, can't make it happen
Cop some cracks and put yourself back on the map and
Once your clientele's grooving without you nothing's moving
You got that shit they want, need, gotta have when they're using
This shit is deeper than the streets we're working for the government
Before they try to Larry Davis me we're going public
Can't see my future from the street so I live for now
Gotta get legit before they here my name too much downtown
Tryna be up out this shit soon as I start packing
Every time I try to leave this game it pull me back in
A magnet to selling small white crack mints
Think bags of it 'cuz I never had shit
I gotta give my regardless even if it means
Putting my ass on the line like a trapeze artist
I gotta blow, watch for the smoke
Thats all I know so thats all I wrote