JAY-Z lyrics - Greatest MC

"Greatest MC"

[Verse 1:]
As soon as I grab it, I eat it up like a savage
And no one don't have it, I get it together like a marriage
I see you know rappers, I'm on my Ps and Qs and carrots
Y'all don't understand well goddamn, don't y'all know my status?
I'm flowin' the baddest, the baddest, I'm the baddest
No need to explain, my name the only thing that matters
When suckers who bite me, they find I'm a bit much to swallow
You're thinkin' it's hollow, the rhythm is rough and r-rugged to follow
It hit you like bam biggity bam bam biggity bam
The kid is a wizard, I'm definitely destined to make 8 digits
Met up with G Rap on the road to riches
As soon as I step up, will never remember
Whatever I touch, whatever I touch you know I'm gonna injure
That nigga don't play, hey, that nigga'll slay
So wiggle away, hey, you gotta dig that nigga Jay

I'm the greatest MC, I'm the greatest MC in the world
I'm the greatest MC, I'm the greatest MC in the world

[Verse 2:]
I be thorough in every borough, my name be ringin'
With drug slingin' and doin' my thing and fuck that
Boot-knockin' so lady be jockin', my money be flippin'
I see you peekin' when I'm freakin', nigga stop rippin'
I got the ideal skills for real
6 digits before I had a deal, son chill
Who's that? With a tip of the melodramatic the crew's back
I [?] the way I dos that
Better at rippin' it, flowin', kickin' the fly shit
For [?] I'm givin' a bit of advice, slice
Don't even try that shit
I got skills 'til it's unreal
Broken down, I'm speedin' it up to 180 thousand trillion mil'
So what it was said about a brotha bein' as nice as me
Y'all know that shit is dead, right? That shit is dead
Why ask why when the shit sound this fly?

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3:]
Here I come, ag-ga-ga-gain, I run up-up-up-in
Niggas who don't do duckin', I will bu-buck and, fuck it I'm wild
What you niggas gonna do to the man?
I see you brought your little crew, and?
I'm still comin' with velocity, check it out
Jidday Idday Whiddy Ziddy, eh-heh!
And any you clowns fuckin' around
Ain't none of you clowns stand your ground
With the crown prince of the underground
Sounds like I'm ready to catch wreck now, the heat's on
Sweat now, Jay Z's on, be gone to the next town
Punks jump up to get beat down, check it out, check it out, check it out
Ladies be comin' [?] now
This kid got skills
It's a pity the way I'm rippin' rugged rhythm through the city
Like da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-di-di
I got rhythm, I, hit 'em with rhythm, I
Hit 'em and split 'em, I did 'em, I get rid of them guys
J-A, baby, baby, please give me Ps
Baby baby, with crazy ease
While Jay Z get crazy cheese
I take a break then I slay, never bring in my way
I'm cuttin' your shit short, hey, alright

[Hook 2x]