"Two Small Cars In Rome" lyrics - JERRY DOUGLAS

"Two Small Cars In Rome"

Two small cars in Rome,
Oh baby if I ever get home
I'm gonna wipe this experience
From my memory.
Just you wait and see.

It happened on a summer saturday night,
I was feelin' alright,
The moment fit me like a noose...
You should have seen the sight of me
Swimmin' in the fountain of Trevi,
My birthday suit a little loose..

Those little fiat scooter cars,
Zippin' round like little shooting stars,
Bouncin' off the cobblestone streets of Trastevere,
Like little ping pong balls
Oh, how I miss the mega malls
Back home in old virginny fulla giant cars.

Those two small cars in Rome
Found me and tried to take me home,
I knew them girls weren't Italian,
...just by seein'...
But I swear I knew what I was doin' by the Colliseum,

But them two small cars in Rome,
They got everything I brought from home,
Dropped me off on the Appian Way,
My red eyes meetin' the light of day...
And I crawled back to the steps of the Pantheon
Without a lira or a ticket outta town
Them two small cars in Rome
Ruin'd me like a circus maximus clown

And now the Carabinieri says "mi dica..."
And I say "no, they took that, too..."
Oh honey wire that money soon,
I'd rather be on the dark side o' the moon,
Than here in Rome
Oh, honey get me home