"Believer" lyrics - JOE HENRY


Way down in a low place
Yawning into field,
Skirting now the river pushing water, further falling; lower still.
Oh, my word,
Oh, my captain,
Oh, my ghost stepped into view
My disappeared redeemer's
Lost believer seen in you

Steering wide of shelter,
Flung afield and out afar,
Under eyes that play and shine and give away just what savages we are.
Oh, my stars,
Oh, my dear lonesome,
Oh, the least that I can do
My rearranging stranger's
Finest danger seen in you

Thrown out for the starlings,
In air and at your feet,
Commanded by a weather to be gathered, one calls 'forward,' then 'retreat.'
Oh, my witness,
My revolution,
Marching headlong into blue
My creature now forgiven,
My reliving seen in you