"Keep Us In Song" lyrics - JOE HENRY

"Keep Us In Song"

The times as they change are here to remind
That nothing has changed -not even time;

I've loved you forever, it hasn't been long - just enough now
To keep me in song

We howl from the window hungry with need
And pity the hearts
Where we've all come to feed; a bitter last supper,

The cup passed along - one for the road
That keeps us in song

I've stood at the water
Where this land has run out
Of any idea
What we might be about.
We're asked to make do
With what we know to be wrong - what leads us astray
But keeps us in song...

The churches, the nurses, the company store,
Have joined and concluded there will be no more - no credit on mercy,

No forgiveness here on, for any not willing
To keep us in song

It's grey and it's colder
Than it was yesterday
When hope was eternal,
-A blooming array;
With one more good rain all these leaves will be gone, their falling designed

To keep us in song...

Last night I lay thinking I'd dropped the last thread that stitched every dream to the top of my head; they'll all fly and leave me but I'll get along
With yours here beside me to keep me us song