"When You Walk In" lyrics - JOHN GORKA

"When You Walk In"

Your heart is broken
Your world is a bitter place
Your confidence shaken
Your faith erased
What you depend on
Is up in the air
You want to move forward
With no forward there

Your husband left you
No good reason why
He wants a new life
You want to die
He wants to be your friend
But you can't be his
Tell him to go to hell
You already did

The problem's not hatred
There's no hate from him
The facts of indifference are cruel
With it's pleasant skin and it's brutal grin
How the world learns your name
And it spins away

It's a question of damage
And wasted years
But love's never wasted
Though it led you here

It might be the worse place that you've ever been
Still you light up a room
When you walk in
You light up a room when you walk in