"Wisheries" lyrics - JOHN GORKA


While they fish out the fisheries
I wish on the wisheries
Mixed up in the mysteries
Every night every night

I pedal hope now from port to port
I never stay at the last resort
I'm not tall but I never come up short
I always pay, I pay and pay
I got arrested and I got away
I met Clint and he made my day
Tarred and feathered in La Brea
What a pit, what a pit

I formed my own government
I cast pearls before the parliament
Got some girls for the ex-president
No not him, another one

Though I appear none too glamorous
I have often been amorous
Though I am an ignoranimous
Ignoranimous, that's the word

My chances were ludicrous
She was graceful and luminous
My heart sank Bituminous
But I asked anyway

Through a window she kissed my face
Pushed me down and put me in my place
The French would call that the coup de grace
No, that's not my native tongue

Found a raincoat in a London fog
Got a kitten from a catalog
Got a demo from a demagogue
I played it loud, it pleased the crowd

While they fish out the fisheries
I miss the missing and the mysteries
I broke a dish signed by Cyd Charisse
Yea, I pay, I always pay
I pay and pay