"Romance Classified" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"Romance Classified"

SWF seeks same
Asian or Hispanic or African American
In the marketplace with the swingers and the bi's
In the Romance Classified

Well heeled business man he likes his fun and games
In the afternoon
'Cause his wife doesn't understand
Financial assistance, your photograph get's mine
She's gonna find a sugar daddy in
The romance Classified

Where the couples meet the cross-dressers
In the 'burbs
Some wanna be observers
Some just wanna be observed
Well now real life ain't this way
So don't stake your emotions on
The power of the printed page

'Cause it's a scary game
And your playin' with your life
But it's all right there in
The Romance Classified

Won't you call us on the 1-900?
Anytime life gets too hard
Only Seven Ninety-Five per minute
Billed discreetly to your credit card
Look out!