"Southside Story" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"Southside Story"

The Band was jumpin'- hot as hell
Everybody felt allright
Little Walter took the stand
And a blue note cut the night
In the hot red smokie light
As the music to control
Wouldn't ya know it? Some pretty woman
Felt the music touch her soul
She cried

Please won't you play
Your blues harmonica
Please won't you play
Blow my blues away

He sang it's hard - to be allone
Sleeping by youself
The one you love - far away
Lovin' someone else
There's a train - comin'on
Everybody's got to go
A little rain - in every heart
And a wolf at every door

Please won't you play
That blue harmonica

Little Walter blowing hot
Like a southern wind
People dancin'- sweet romancin'
As night came to an end
He packed it up - hit the streets
As they cut the neonlight
Headed down to the darkness
Of the cold Chicago night