"Belly Of The Beast" lyrics - KILLER MIKE

"Belly Of The Beast"
feat. Charles Manson

[Charles Manson talking]
You've got it stuck in your brain that I murdered somebody. What do you want to call me a murderer for? I've never killed anyone. I don't need to kill anyone. I think it. I have it HERE

[Killer Mike]
I got hate in my heart, hate in my stomach
CO's make me vomit
I'm in the belly of the beast
And it made me a beast, it's too much to stomach

[Charles Manson talking]
Maybe I haven't done enough. I might be ashamed of that, for not doing enough. For not giving enough. For not being more perceptive. For not being aware enough. For not understanding

[Killer Mike]
Understand that a trap's just a trap
And when the government get you it's a wrap
I entered the facility a drug dealer
One month in a nigga tried me now I'm a killer
Nigga tried a nigga manhood
So I load a pillow case up with some canned goods
Couple locks, couple D-batteries
Beat that motherfucker way past assault and battery
(Savagely) Beat his ass to a casualty
Sent that prison punk to his mom's in a casket, G
Now the prison chaplain want to chaplain me
Told me confess sins it'll be alright
I told him fuck him, the warden and his white Christ
Called him a faggot, said he ain't living right
What kind of re-ligion don't allow man a wife?
You a boy lover father, that ain't right

[Charles Manson talking]
The street is my world. I don't pretend to go uptown and be anything fancy

[Killer Mike]
Outlawed by birth
And I'm an outlaw every day until they put me in the dirt
My skin is my sin, every day I'm called nigga by a couple white men
COs: undercover Aryans
Beat blacks to a pulp like a Barbarian
I told that Nazi "Don't hit me!"
He did it anyway so I shanked him in his kidney

[Charles Manson]
You people have done everything in the world to me
Doesn't that give me equal right?
I could do anything I want to you people
Any time I want to
Because that's what you've done to me!
If you spit in my face, slap me in my mouth
Throw me in solitary confinement for nothing
What do you think I'm going to do when I get out of here?

[Killer Mike]
I carved that guard, more years I'm facin'
Now the inmates call a young nigga Satan
Something like Malcolm before he joined the Nation
Back and forth in solitary, I'm pacin'
Five in the morning, I hear the Muslims praying
Six in the morning, the guards congregating
Seven in the morning, they beat me, bones breaking
Left me in the middle of the cell, cold, shaking
Left me in the hole, near death for a week straight
When they came back I knocked the piss and shit in their face
'Cause I rebelled, they Guantanamo Bay'd me
Beat me till I cried like a motherfucking baby
Insane membrane, prison got me crazy
Sent me a nurse and I spit at the lady
Shit, this place made me devilish
My homies don't visit, plus my girlfriend suckin' dick
The pain is too much to take
Like the boys that kill themselves after they're raped
Called her a cheap bitch when she visit me here
Because of that I ain't seen my kids in a year (I'm sorry)
The damn pain's unbearable
Got a motherfucker wildin' out like an animal
Gladiator school for the sadists
With the killers and the rapists is where I graduated

[Charles Manson talking]
The latrine is my world. I don't pretend to go uptown and be anything fancy. I can, but I find more real in the world that I'm in, than I do the tinsel, and the real world is the one I have to deal with everyday. Believe me, if I started murdering people... there'd be none of you left

[Killer Mike]
Brutalized, institutionalized, in the belly of the beast in an inmates' eyes [2x]
Ask the public do you know what you're creating when you send the boys to the belly of Satan?
Ask the judges do you know what you're creating when you send the boys to the belly of Satan?
The politicians do you know what you're creating when you send the boys to the belly of Satan?