"Lazy" lyrics - LAGWAGON


I just lost my job
I just lost my girl
Things are getting way out of hand
But my living room is like quicksand
Sucks me down
I'll never leave
In the ground
My cable TV
I'm burnt out and lazy
Looking, Dwelling, Fuck me!
I'm lazy
Look at my cat
Why can't I live like that
All other animals except us
Do nothing else but eat and shit
Is not the time
Hasn't yet begun
Another wee)
Another Month
Going, Always, Fuck you
I'm lazy
I have no faults to fear, I'm down here
There's nothing to fear, no changes
'Cause having it all means nothing
I am not in beyond great pressure or the reason I see on you
Blue day again
Trying to reach end
A call, the machine, unseen action
No act of faith
No deed of good
Is not the time
Is it not yet here
Another month
Another year!