"Whipping Boy" lyrics - LAGWAGON

"Whipping Boy"

Now it's simple to me
Sometimes you have to let go when there's
Next to nothing
You say everytime she says no
There's more pain then love
It comes o shove almost
Everytime you speak
Somehow you fight
Something's just crazy
Somehow it's taking all the life left in you
You'er losing ground
Carrying that torch
Your not asking for much
As she has...
Had time to heal
And she doesn't need you any longer an you...
Had time to drink
And you call her to tell her you've gotten much stronger
At three in the morning she says stop calling cause...
Everyone's asleep
Some of us work
You're driving me crazy
When will you get on with my life
Now every nights friday night
Picking fights with your friends
Somehow trying to make amends
So you seach for comfort in a friend
It's not the same she won't understand
You both learned to think alike
So what was so wrong
Where's she tonight
Out there drinking while you're left in thinking
It's taken all the life left in...
You're losing ground
Carrying that torch
You're not asking for much
Still somehow
You'll wait for her
You say she'll return
But you still carry that torch
That girl