"A Is For Asswipe" lyrics - LAWNMOWER DETH

"A Is For Asswipe"

All right me old asswipe
With your blinded vision
Starring out of your
Tunnelled blinkered world,
Narrow Mindered Blinkered Fool,
It's no surprise to me
That you can barely see
More than three or four feet
Right in front of thee,
Bigoted Pre-Concieved Ideas,
Yes you are a complete asswipe
A totally wild and dangerous man
Mixing and testing with ideology
Dealing your drugs and singing in bands,
Down on your luck, scraping for cash
Feeding the masses with polluted stash
Injecting the serum from you to the half-wit
The toxic milkshake will bulge out your wallet,
Ac-Cept Your Crime, OK me old asswipe
The system has decided
It won't here of this
They'll put a stop to it,
It's not good enough for you
To serve out national justice
You were right and they were wrong
So you'll become an anarchist,
Listen, sing in your band
A better life for a growing man
Don't preach your blinkered tribe
'Cos you are a grade
A asswipe,
You came
We saw
We laughed
In your face