"Paranoid Polaroid" lyrics - LAWNMOWER DETH

"Paranoid Polaroid"

She was just seventeen
If you know what I mean
When she appeared unclean
In a gentlemen's magazine,
I was at the barbers shop
Getting my hair cut
Picked up amateur photographer
Just for a quick look,
There on the pages
Spread in front of me
To my untimely horror
Was virginal sweet
Lying there in a bath of milk
She's showing skin as smooth as silk
With her legs spread a kimbo
My daughters a naked bimbo
My daughters a naked bimbo,
Out of the hairdresser (hairdresser)
Pent full of rage
(Rage, rage)
My daughters image (image)
I have to save (save, save),
Down to the newsagent (agents)
Full speed and stealth
(Stealth, stealth)
I'll buy every copy (copy)
Wipe out the top shelf (shelf, shelf)
Polaroid did your daddy read up on his Freud!
Then I'll confront
Shirley And ask her what's the game
Why her legs were round her neck
Has she got any shame?
"I didn't know what I was doing
Honestly I did'nt
Daddy He just came in through the front door Camera, smiles all happy",
Said "Little girl It's flesh for cash
So grab your Matey And get in the bath",
Nobody will ever find out Why don't you use a false name
Like Sue from Durbon Or Rod,
Freddy or Jane, But you know that I found out
Because in that mag I peeked
So bugger off up to bed
And no supper for a weak