"45:33 (Part 5)" lyrics - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM

"45:33 (Part 5)"
(James Murphy)


Step through the doors
Sliding doors

Okay I'm serious
I'm just playing

It changed
Mystery solved

You can see everything from here
Isn't it beautiful?
It is beautiful

I bet you know what you need to know by now
Just take a moment

I must admit your technology is wonderful
I've never seen anything like this

Will you accept our friendship?
Without hesitation

I didn't say we could promise anything more than that
Unless you're seeing everything for the first time

That is everything

Step through the door
I have already stepped through the door
Then welcome

I see no need for this
Who's that?
I wasn't to talk to you
Who is that?
Who's talking?

I want to talk to you about a few things
Is that a voice in my head?
Help me understand why your friends are all afraid
Help me understand why your friends are all afraid

Get out of my head

They're from New York City
By way of the interstellar highway

Doesn't he rock you?

Thank you very much
I really appreciate it
Okay I'm done