"Long Time Comin'" lyrics - LIL WAYNE

"Long Time Comin'"

Back door back room young nigga still switchin
Young nigga still pitchin, naked bitches in tha kitchen
Wishin that I'd kiss 'em but I just missed em
Get my money then I dismiss em
Little Marley still said trippin'
He gotta bigger pistol now
He say he ain't missin'
You can't miss him
He's tha skinny fellow with tha dreads
High yellow red
That's always my blood
So we forever bled
You ain't gotta go upstairs
You know what's up there
Bitches and cookware
Hell yeah fuck yeah
You know you smell that cocaine tough air
It's been a long time comin'
But I come up fair I ain't conplainin I'm Hydroplainin
Let Capo smash tha plaintiff
Now I'm over tha sink
Tryna think and find tha kinks
To strengthen Italian links
There is no Brinks
No alarm
Just guns weed triggers and bitches
The thicker the bitches
Tha bigger tha brick is
Niggas on some bitch shit but (CHANGE GON COME)
And when it do you betta get wit it
Tha Carter 2 triple exquisite
So bring ya friends on ya next visit
Let's get it
The living room still gotta bunch of youngins in it
Waiting on tha blunt to hit it
And trill comin' wit it
And blake probably in the basement on his calisthenics
And Tez probably in the office bein a mathematician

That's caddy corner to my bedroom
Lady in it
Who only wants Weezy Baby in it
Yeah maybe when I finish makin' dis butter I'll touch ya
But I can't love ya I ain't Usher I'm far Southern
Aw brother
You could call the authorities
Got ya wonderin how money got the law ignorin me
Like I ain't bringin' four a week
And I need more streets
The house need sheet rock
You could hear it all tha way down the block
When you sleep not
We at work Pops
No stopwatch
Ain't no clocks up
When you leave all you gotta do is
Put tha pots up
We eatin cheese and bread we stocked up
So you could put ya eggs and tots up
It's not us
When I wake up I pop up
Anotha day anotha dollar
Bitch holla
This time I've exercised my power
So now I'm singin' in tha shower
A lil deodorant
Lil Howard Johnson
Forty bags of powder
Get tha keys off the counter
I walk out tha door
And smell a flower
Now I'm about to go
Get into this album