(Andy Hull / Manchester Orchestra)

I want to watch it all fall until it's dark
You both look exactly the same at night
I'd arranged the bed like crosses
Watched them fall into the floor
It made me stop and forget what we were fighting for

It's like everything that I ever have imagined
Is coming true today

There is a cost my friend, for living out some other dream
To bind a consequence
It comes and goes in seasons around here, I thawed again
There's nothing left around to yield a sorry ignorance

If I do let go, I hope you never see
There is no one there that's waiting after me
And I hope if there is one thing I let go
It is the way that we cope

And I hope if there is one thing that we know
From the way that you and I will wander off
And we won't become a lifeless load
That wanders around and hopes for sorrow
I know... I know