"Leaky Breaks" lyrics - MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA

"Leaky Breaks"

Leaky holes and fire escapes will set the evening for tone
You and your holy halo started burning eventually just froze
Sewn into the carpet just trying to thaw out whatever I know
The thermostat it won't go higher not that you or I know

I was drinking heavily
I burst into your bedroom belligerently
Asked her if she's done a thing like stepping out and making a scene
So foolishly I was apathetic so I blamed your family and never mended it

Shitty brakes and balding tires we're out around on the road
You and my little sister, flashy frequent scariest snow
And we return just fine
I started to crack your analytical code
By the time you're convinced, I know

When I was drinking heavily
I burst into your bedroom confusingly
Yelled about a bunch of things that if you looked you'd never see for our eternities
And I blamed you for not being
Someone you could not be, someone you'll never be

Now I see everything and everyone you see
Killing time alone inside a stripped and nakedest home
Couldn't catch my brain up with the sights and fear that I saw
Fell into the doorway just hoping you had left the guitars
It's way too late for calling anyways I guess I'll doze off

I've been drinking carefully
I creep into our bedroom and watch you sleep
My mind it wanders onto things that if I try I can't explain
As if there's something worse
As if there's something worse, to have weaned away your worth, when I was so absurd
Well is there something worse?