Feet slipping on the porch to my house
Iced easy you can track in the snow
Duel gunning it happened the last time
Stop talking watch your head on the car
Cats Cradles and hail to the Rat King
Teeth sharpened on our broken bones
Look straight in the eyes of the hopeless
You can't swing if you don't use your arms
It's not like I was lost for a purpose
I lost purpose and purposefully froze
So be good if you think it can save you
Yeah, be good if you're comfortably numb
And I will do my best to breathe with-

I was happy, I thought I'd escaped you
Pearl gates and a street made of gold
My memory, it serves like a beat boy
I'm too stubborn and scared to be home
I'm finding out that there's actually a purpose
I'm caught cabbin' on the way to your home
Your body's asleep in a wheelchair
I'll start rolling you down toward the cars
And I will do my best to plead with-

So let go of your sorrowful groaning
Let go of the ones you admire
It's not like I was devious or boastful
My arms waving, I'm saying goodbye
And I will do my best to breathe for you