"Human" lyrics - MARIA MCKEE


Wanted to make you into a demigod
Superhuman so you'd never die
Die to me, my golden boy
I was so in awe of you I was silenced inspired changed fired
A graven image in my heart

You more than human to me
And I'm alone now with my compulsions
And I'm desperate drained from all those tantrums
I don't exist without a lover/fix
And I'm nothing without a heart overstuffed to the brim of bursting
With murder in its wake

And you more than human
I can't face

If I make you a god
Mythologize this bond
And all those other gods I use to fill that spot to overdose
Revel in the flood, and my veins have turned against my blood
And you the stand-in saviour
And I've tricked you into staying...

More than human to me