"I'm Not Listening" lyrics - MARIA MCKEE

"I'm Not Listening"
(Bruce Brody / Maria McKee / David Nolte)

I never was the girl the wonder and surprise
You kicked open my world you pricked open my eyes
I couldn't make a sound and when you finally yanked it out
You took that scream and tied it 'round your pretty box to poison hands
What I wanted wasn't really what I wanted
How can you claim to know me when you have other things to occupy your time
And this is all I think about

I'm not listening, I'm not listening I'm not listening I'm not listening anymore
Tied my tongue off with a wire now my head is full of liars
I'm not listening I'm not listening I'm not listening I'm not listening
Guess I was that girl you tripped her down the stairs
You've kicked away her books she eats her lunch alone
She suffers leers and jeers and stares
And she knows she'll win you over once and over twice
Or maybe not but that's alright
If I'm a phoenix if I'm a demon or a sage or a fake
Or if I'm gutless leave me alone and let me be this
You've nearly killed me once

I'm not listening [etc.] I'm immune now to your poison
Unmoved by a plague of voices
Where I'm going, you should know where I'm going
You tied that blindfold 'round my head hung that sign on my back
Spun me 'round spun me 'round and sent me out I'm still spinning I'm still spun
I'm still shunned...blind blind blind
I'm not listening...I'm not...listening
You're in my head you're at my door
You're gonna have to fight me for it...