"I Can't Make It Alone" lyrics - MARIA MCKEE

"I Can't Make It Alone"
(Gerry Goffin / Carole King)

Now you know me
You know how proud I am
And what I've gotta tell you now, won't be easy to say
Before I left your side, oh I was so happy then
But I've been so lonely since I went away

I've tried and I know I can't make it alone
Such a hard way to go
I just can't make it alone
There's somethin' in my soul
That will always lead me back to you

What can I say now
Sorry's just not good enough
I wouldn't blame you if you hurt me
Like I hurt you then
But who else can I turn to, oh babe I'm beggin' you
Won't you reach out for my dyin' soul
And let me live again


Oh baby, you know I need you
I'm sayin' that I need you
I just can't make it all alone
I just can't make it by myself