"My Girlhood Among The Outlaws" lyrics - MARIA MCKEE

"My Girlhood Among The Outlaws"

My girlhood among the outlaws was salty, bittersweet
The things I did, ah I could just kick myself now
Through nights of lousy dreams
As visions gather in my head
I find it hard to live with the things I did and said
But for you my friend, I'd live it all again
And love you in the end

Anything for you, baby, anything for you
If it took those years to get me here
I'd do it again for you

Took a leap of faith and I stumbled
Tried to live outside grace and I was humbled
But I'd like to bet if I lived to fear regret
Then we never would've met


So here we are, and I don't know what we call it
'Cause love is such a funny promise
Commitment is impossible and forever is a lie
But that still leaves you and I