"Don't Suck Me In" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"Don't Suck Me In"

She was dancing at the Lucky Spot
Then she was at The Flame
Then she went to the Red Rooster
But the story was the same
Had a boyfriend name of Buddy
Then she had a guy called Slim
Married a cat played bebop drums
Whatever happened to him?
Who knows what kind of a dive
She's currently working in
Don't know, don't care
Don't suck me
Don't suck me in

Remember that jack of all trades
And a master of none
Played rock or pop, they'd tell him what
He was just another gun
Teenybop in Tokyo
Bubblegum in France
A mister glass half-empty
A pessimist in advance
Now it's looking like free fall
The work's not coming in
Don't even ask, my friend
Don't suck me
Don't suck me in

And your so-called business partner
Was another fair weather friend
All he really cared about
Was what was due his end
He liked to check his bank account
Hang with the pimps and liars
Come creeping by to sniff the wind
Show up to kick the tyres
Now he's in some kind of a dive
Maybe it's a tailspin
I don't want to know, my friend
Don't suck me
Don't suck me in

Your second cousin's Uncle Frank
Is coming into town
With crap for all the family
And to see what's going down
He'll eat you out of house and home
Disappear your wine
Says he could have been a concert pianist
If he'd only had the time
You pulled the pin on that grenade
Now you're stuck with him
Don't even ask, my friend
Don't suck me
Don't suck me in