"Pale Imitation" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER

"Pale Imitation"

Once I went back and I stayed on the street
Where I used to live
Got up in the morning
Put on my boots and I crossed the road
Stood in front of our house
And went back to my tricycle times

At the end of the terrace I looked up the alley
And there he was
A little blonde boy
With a stick in his hands looking straight at me
And if he wasn't me
Then my god, he was just like I used to be

We stared at each other
But he stared me down and I looked away
After a moment
When I turned again he was gone

I don't think I ever became half the man
That I used to be
The warrior captain
The bold pirate king of the sea
Nobody does me like I do
Or that's what they say to me
But I'm a pale imitation
I've been keeping my secret safe with me