"Savage Lands" lyrics - MASTODON

"Savage Lands"

Running from an endless source of everlasting light
Stumble into darkness of my own creation
Navigate this maze of self-destruction's inner glow
Worship at the feet of primal gods of chaos

The walls we create
The cracks will begin to show
And watch them start to fall

All is indefinite
How quickly we evaporate
To memories and only dreams

As the seismic shifts
Veering into unknown space
Where monuments will bare your name

Drinking from reflections in the pool of endless doubt
Continue on the path of reckless devastation
In the pit of death and bones and carcasses decayed
It's here I find a guiding hand to true salvation

Push through the pain
Developing calloused hands
To dig, scrape, and claw

Thought and visions stick
The images, how they still burn
Cementing of your legacy

Now it's flooding back
Trigger the unlocking fate
To wash away and letting free

Dredging the weight
Dragging through hollow ground
To break the chain of lies

'Round and 'round, we battle ourselves
Silencing our tongues