"The Beast" lyrics - MASTODON

"The Beast"

I'm out of my mind
Pictures of past lives
Trapped in a memory
In fragments of time
The way things used to be
Find a better way to get back home
Reaching for something new
That's just not there anymore
'Cause you know that it's gone

You slip away to the distance
Pass a crack of light in the floor
I hear the sound of mischief
As the promising light shines some more
I paid you in fool's gold, and I don't owe you anymore
And I deserve nothing I find
Like a mountain of pain on the floor

Losing ground
Taken by a prophecy
Siren sounds
Calling for your sanctity
Wipe away
The blood from your face

All I see is our demise
Headed for the blackened skies
And I need more time

I still hear
The beast is breathing
Should I fall upon my sword?
Make sure they know
That I fought for them
Make sure they know
They know I tried
I scraped and clawed
I gave my all

Stars in the distance
Oh how they tell a story of my life
And tell us to beware
Repeating the past
Nature is nocturnal and that is that

I spend my days underground covered in ash and smothered in dirt
And you know how it hurts this little clown
Pay no attention to the sound of the beast
'Cause you know it can't hurt you when you're with me