"New Millennium Cyanide Christ" lyrics - MESHUGGAH

"New Millennium Cyanide Christ"

I'm a carnal, organic anagram. human flesh instead of written letters.
I rearrange my pathetic tissue. I incise. I replace. I'm reformed.
I eradicate the fake pre-present me. Elevate me to a higher human form.
The characters i am, made into a word complete, then i'll be the new norm.

Self inflicted fractures; I replace my bones with bars.
Aluminum bleeding oxide; the drug of gods into my pounding veins.

My receiving eyes exchanged with fuses; blindness induced to prevent destruction.
Ceramic blades implanted past my ribs to save me from the dues of inhalation.
I tear my worldly useless skin. Staples to pin it over my ears.
Non-receptive of ungodly sounds - I disable the audio-generators of fear.

Hexagonal bolts to fill my mouth, sharpened to deplete the creator of all violence;
Without speech there will be no deceit

Baptized in vitriolic acid, a final touch, a smoothing of features.
Completion of the greatest art; to cast the godly creatures.
Humans, once astray; made divine, stripped of congenital flaws.
We're incandescent revelations in a world of darkened forms.

Disciples! Come join with me to save a failed humanity.
Follow the god of cyanide into the new eternity.
Behold! A sacrificial race a cleansing worshipping of pain.
The new millenium christ here to redeem all from lies.