"Ritual" lyrics - MESHUGGAH


I - alone i fill myself with everything I have
See into my empty face
Scarred, I know I'll never be

You're all the power in my fucked up feelings
Worn out by frayed old visions, I know I am you too
So I wear your mission, mark my every step
And I choke my lonely breath so I can bear my seed

Slay - well I do know my hand
Obey - I look into myself
Crawling ragged in my brain, i'm no enemy to me

I am the hate you made of flesh and blood
I am the man you ate now left to sour
Embark my solitude, fill up with pain
Beloved enemy you never betray

I know you, still I pay
Simple way - go insane
I don't beg, never I choose
Will I ever, i'm still you

Chaos is the way you drain me into be you
Last traces of the me, converted by your reign
Merge into an indigestible pestilent trip
Seasons of infinity, inhabitant of pain

Incorporeal sense, can't resist what I need - spirits to release my power
Reckon i'm beyond recuperation, swallow every hour
Here I stand in the middle of my entity - revile my head
You're all I have and I ask your feelings - ritual, ritual

Hand in hand, back to back
Yearning to obey

See, I go insane
Me, your only friend
I, never run away
Hate, you're all I ever have

You know I am seeing your realm at my bed
Our love never ending, you run my head
See I was made for you, roll my mind away
Embedded in hate - you're all I have