"Sickening" lyrics - MESHUGGAH


Noone knows the soul of tears and why can't we see human indignity
Who will laugh at the growing suffering, the bleeding rapidly breeding, increasing

The clock is ticking on before us constantly running
Hypnotized, energized by naivety
Take a pick at random choose our future to be
Crawling in the mess of stupidity

We won't hear when we're dead and gone
We trust in lies or a fake paradise
Are we blinded til' the bitter end
Decided or maybe very misguided

Travelling through endless times inside of nothingness
Reaching for a new belief in vain, insane
Our molded lifes an ever catatonic flow
We're rejected ever more by lucidity

Why, strange, why
Why change
Why not suicide
No, strange, no
No change
No not suicide

With ears that are shut to the inner voice
We're giving in to the shattering

Tell me how can we take it
Tell me why are we here

Hanging in the balance of deceit and blasphemy
Paralyzed in sightless drains
Ignorant and still no panic

Is there no way to be free
No why me not us why not

Blind, strange, blind
Blind, change
Blind suicide
Damn, faith, damn
Damn lies