"Djinn" lyrics - MICHAEL ROMEO


Can you see the light from Heaven or Hell?
The majority ain't always right

'Round and 'round it goes
And pray for the power
To kill all of those who oppose

Wishes come in three - choose carefully
Right or wrong - make the call
Different points of view - choose one, not two
Here we stand - here we fall

Don't pretend to know
Just 'cause it is written in stone
It doesn't make it so

March with spite - unite
A vengeful machine exploiting
Some God-given right

Now paired side by side -
Deadly worlds collide
All the same - friend or foe
Kill to your last breath -
A dance of death
Find the strength - let it go

One last wish remains - Cast off these chains
Take a breath - take control
Just embrace your hate - Evil incarnate
Free your mind - free your soul