"Fear The Unknown" lyrics - MICHAEL ROMEO

"Fear The Unknown"

Maelstrom of fury
Riding on the wind
Make your move and let the games begin

Eyes consumed with avarice
Chaos on their breath
Descending like a bird of prey
That wears a mask of death

The blade of greed cuts oh so deep
Conquer, divide and delete
Wordless longues conspire
Beyond what we see

Fear of the unknown
You can't take away the things
We call our own
Make your presence known
You can't cast away this fragile heart
Of stone alone

Poisoned and infected
Continuing down the days
Savage envy in their soulless gaze

Towers of creation
Pulverized with rage
Arena of the malcontents
Now set their final stage

A merciless, vile machine
Leviathan - killer of dreams
Malicious intentions
Such vicious inventions unseen