"Down At The Whisky" lyrics - MOTLEY CRUE

"Down At The Whisky"

We're runaways in a band
All roads lead to Hollywood
We'll leave a scar, won't give a damn
Vandalize the neighborhood
Do you remember when ?
We slept all day in our clothes
That's ok in hollywood
Another shot, another show
All night long at the whisky a-go-go

We were on the run
Got loaded like a shotgun
Livin out a dream
Down at the whisky
We never made a dime
But, God we had a good time
We always made a scene
Down at the whisky

LA girls they paid the rent
While we got drunk on sunset strip
And all the cash they made we spent
On tattoos and cigarettes
We were born to fight
And we were getting high
Livin' out our dreams down at the whisky