"This Ain't A Love Song" lyrics - MOTLEY CRUE

"This Ain't A Love Song"

I met her down at Marylin's grave
Lookin' like an S & M slave
Drinkin' like a fool
With a prison tattoo on her cheek
Well I knew that we would never last
Cuz we were runnin' from our criminal past
But none of that mattered
I was high and she was flattered by me

I had wine and 2-gram lines
To get inside her head
There was no need for roses
I just layed her down in bed

This ain't a love song
This is a fuck song
Don't have to sing along
This ain't a love song
It's just a fuck song
Let's do it all night long

She didn't wanna look in my eyes
As we barreled down Mulholland Drive
Lookin for a place to suck a little face and get high
Suzy wouldn't call it love
She was good just givin' it up
All she really wanted was a little rock and roll tonight

She said turn it up so fucking loud
That I can't hear my mind
She bit down on the bedpost
And I watched Suzy grind