"One Plus One" lyrics - NAS

"One Plus One"
feat. Nas

[Intro: Nas]
Large Pro., Nas
Travelin' through the mind, one time
Yeah, get blitzed to this

[Verse 1: Nas]
The greatest lesson ever learnt has yet to be taught
Niggas runnin' outta court like, what the fuck they thought?
It made me sob up, my mans I just can't picture bein' locked up
They used to bein' mad fly, 850i style Cherokee
Letters read: Nas, they could never bury me
But through me, my nigga, you free
Truly reppin' QB, my life is like a movie
The credits at the end and the film plays again
The script is every rhyme I ever said off the gin
Bloodshot Hennessy eyes, Infiniti drives
Without a sound, Queens bound
Pauly got a call for war out from 40
Meetin' out in Beach Channel with peeps from Hammels
Blunted niggas get roasted in they rides
Soak they tongues in Remy
Heat's in the 5-Series, high and leery
When them blue and white cars drive near me
Avirex Gore-Tex wet with fly jewelry
Israelite, original, insight and lethal, first Hebrew
God-sent golden Asian, phenomenal
You can't say the name Nas without sayin' the honorable
Wealthy, Wall Street, read the chronicles
I fuck big titty chicks who sip the Long Island City lix
Drunk off the Alize with Henny mix
Mad niggas is jail like TCB, teachin' me
Everythin' you see ain't always what it be
Hardly able to chill, night ills, feelin' slight chills
Findin' out that rich niggas have to write wills
High 'til I die, El Dorado Red, pack the Uz-o
Pretty thug, Last Don by Mario Puzo

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaah (Yeah, yeah, ah-huh, ah-huh)
La-la-laaaaah, la-laaah, la-laaaaaah

[Verse 2: Large Professor]
The stages and phases that we go through
In a lifetime, may be more than a few
'Cause one day, you're A and the next you may
Have a brand new topic and see a new way
Like history, while it's repeatin', I'm beatin'
The drum on the dumb and blurry, don't worry
The least bit about shit when the weak split
The raw brain remain long reign
This is possible, I know and charge like a rhino, bro
I gotta let this music go
For the maestro climbs higher heights, yo
Season a bass line and mind of a Bandog shrine in hell
Can't tell all the times I fell
But can tell the thing called man, I stand
In the eyes of the Father, tasteful like guava
Unravel and break down a tech' and solve a
Problem in no time, you'll lose your mind
Tryin' to calculate the rate of the Large incline
Out of nowhere, I go where few can go
On the strength, I be risin' on tunes and flow
With the flock, very seldom words when I weld 'em
Connect for the perfect brew, I U