"The General" lyrics - NAS

"The General"

Send* corrections to the typist [Swizz

Beatz] Yo
Man it's, a real game out here Know
What I'm sayin Nas Beats?
Back in effect man Swizz
Beatz da monsta (what's poppin)?[Nas]

In line everybody, get in line Listen
The fuck up to, what's going down Pay

Attention aight, [Chorus][2x]?
Salute me bitches, salute me The
Block salute me the, hood salute me You
Should salute me they, should salute me So
Fuck who you are I'm
The motherfuckin general [Nas]

I walk through everything stops silence, Remain
Quiet babies, don't cry thugs don't buss Cops
Cut off sirens oxygen, freeze Noises
To a minimun nigga I, pop and I squeeze I
Represent the pain and struggle Cut
Out your eyeballs then brain-fuck you Yo
You testin with death I'm
Confronting the justice expressing, my voice to the public They
Got to free some brothas or we kidnap the judges They
Got to free some sistas or we kidnap the judges They
Got to beat the system that's enslaving the poor Our
Practicing gun, rages they, R's and 44's.Many
Fought teams and for green this is war This
Is life and I'm the hardest got, ya label all scared Callin
Up the radio don't, want my records to air Y'all
Ain't playin fair to, every rapper in the game I'm

Comin fo y'all blood make, room for the king Nas...[Chorus][2x Nas]

The leader that's, it nobody, higher Nobody
Touchin my crown nobody, dyin Nobody
Smoother harder, tougher, believe, it I'm
Much more smarter much, more strategic Scholarships
And hollow tips a, lot of walkin caskets They
Talk a good one but there's never no action And
I'm the type to poison ya sista twist, her Through
Wit her put, the gun in your face and make you hit her Make
You quiver -when they silhouette of a Don Benson, Light
Up a Cu-ban recite, a few psalms Enlighten
You quick teach, you how a king wins wars Keep
Your ears to the street love, your enemies more 'Cuz
Hate can frustrate and, confuse Too
Eager you lose patience, plan, your attack then you move - ghetto Green
Berets got, freaks got hoes who

Be jumpin out of movin cars and land at my feet - because [Chorus][2x]