"Queensbridge Politics" lyrics - NAS

"Queensbridge Politics"

Talking to this cutie on FaceTime
Trying to figure out if she gon' give me that face time
I don't wanna tour, I wanna chill with my son more
Teach him about Egypt and tranquility
Critically analyze black lives and respectability
Why Prodigy mural get vandalized? Why Prodigy?
The project politics obviously
Demagogue democracy, in the fog I see the Mobb represented into the light
Back to the source where all energy comes
Your enemy, dunn, was internal
A disease that needs a vaccination
Plagues black seeds
The industry ain't as friendly as it first seems
When you dream of drivin' your whip to ya house in Florida Keys
On behalf of me and Queens and all of the Gs
Bandana P will always stand as tall as the trees
First things first, this should be understood
Queensbridge, just ain't any other hood
It's music, legacy is incredibly high pedigree
I don't mean this disrespectfully alphabetically
If it's hard to swallow and the credits of B street singing this Bernard Fowler
He sang with the Rolling Stones, background for Bootsy Collins
Marley Marl's advanced raps sound perfect timing
The early '80s, we babies, Pebblee Poo dropped
The beat was crazy and Marley was changing hip-hop
Then Marley and Shante caught a body, UTFO
She cold, "Roxanne's Revenge", she was 14 years old
Then came the Juice Crew and the who's whos
G Rap, Rakim and Kane, beats made in the Q-U
I was probably playing with.32s in the lobby
It's Queensbridge over everything and everybody
I wish the 'book never came out
And everything got straightened out
Before you left, I saw you, it was all love
Except we needed to build more and get things correct
Now I gotta accept it, 'cause there's honor in death
Wish you was here with us P

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Shout out to Havoc, shout out to 'Pone
Shout out to Jungle
Shout out to Jeff
Shout out to Big Lord
The big dog (Lord)
Free Bar, Spark (Bar, Spark)
It's a lot going on
Free the kings
It's a lot going on man, it's heavy
Goodfellas man
Prodigy man
It's heavy man
We need to lighten it up
To all y'all, my bros