NIGHT RANGER lyrics - Knock Knock Never Stop

"Knock Knock Never Stop"

Some child knockin', knockin' at my door
Looking for the party again
Sons are rockin', rockin' at my door
I'm tired of the way of the ten

Waiting for the show, feelin' alright
Everyday lookin' like a Saturday night
Got the wheels for the road, I'm along for the ride
I need a long turn South, I keep it up up up

Knock knock, never stop, I'm at it again
Already there, I don't know where I've been
Knock knock, never stop, I'm at it again
Rock and roll run to the end

Tell me you're ready, ready or not
There's a fire burning outta control
You can try to turn left, you can try to turn right
But there's only one way to go

The harder they run, the harder they fall
Everyone's lookin' for a way to get it on
Maybe you'll see, don't tell me you're right
You got one spin, baby, off the top of your life


So you think you're gonna be a big pop star
Everybody's gonna know who you are
Never stop until you roll the big wheel of life