NIGHT RANGER lyrics - Only For You Only

"Only For You Only"

Thinking bout the days gone by
So many reasons I should try
Runnin' from my past is wrong
You see, I have no pride, and I'm here with you tonight

Maybe we can start over new
Take it from a different point of view
One man has the light of day
Like they always say, and so the story goes
The blossom becomes the rose

Only, for you only I will sing this song
Only, for you only I will give my soul to you

And so I say this to you now
I'll fight your fears with fist, one vow
And nothing you could do or say
Will ever change the way I feel about you now
And we will make it on through somehow


And, oh, I won't try to understand
I'm just gonna take a stand for love
And there's a cross to bear when you give more than you share
Will you walk with me till the end of time?