"She Could Be The One" lyrics - NIK KERSHAW

"She Could Be The One"

Look at her, she meets your eye
She makes you laugh until you cry
She makes you want to go and get her
Don't be stupid, that's so sad
You're old enough to be her dad
You're old enough to know much better

There's an angel over there
Bet you'd like to stroke her hair
Bet you'd like to get her wings off
Not a chance, no way Jose
What the hell will people say
What the hell will people think of you
So what are you gonna do?

Heart is thumping
So exiting
Spirit jumping
She could be the one
Do you want her?
She's inviting
Do you wonder?
If she could be the one

There's another, she's alright
Maybe she would spend the night
Maybe she could be your saviour
Five feet eleven in her socks
She'd have to stand you on a box
Is that appropriate behaviour?

How bout her, she could be fun
Could boil your bunnies one by one
Best be careful how you choose her
And what exactly have you got
John Travolta you are not
What would she want with a loser like you
So what are you gonna do?