"Against All Authorities" lyrics - ONYX

"Against All Authorities"

[Intro: Ernie Chambers]
I wouldn't go to Syria, I wouldn't go to Iraq
I wouldn't go to Afghanistan, I wouldn't go to Yemen
I wouldn't go to Tunisia, I wouldn't go to Lebanon
I wouldn't go to Jordan- I would do it right here!
Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do daily

[Verse 1: Fredro Starr]
Ayo the world's in a crisis, ISIS
Shit is cold as ice is, where the fuck Christ is?
Political activists like Mark Dice's
We law breakin', run in the stores takin'
TV's and playstation, a slave nation
We doom on the bloomberg
We're just the bullies, we're the Giuliani
We get no respect, they put guns in the hood
What you expect, like a pack of cigarettes
I can get me a Tec, and a four fifth
They don't wanna go to war with, rap music
What we bangin' at the law with
So keep your Glocks high, aim for the ceiling
Here comes them villains, gotta stop police killing
So pardon me, as I blast this
Fuck throwing a black fist
To the cops be target practice

[Hook 2x:]
They should be against the law
Fuck authorities, against them all
Cuz niggas ride away, don't trust the cops
If you down for the cause; we brought shots, nigga

[Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz]
I said move steady
I'm getting the trush ready
Gun store robberies, the armory is heavy
All-black Chevy, who a military?
I'll start the revolution right now if you tell me
I'm a convict believe me you're one too
We convicts can leave unless your passport approved
Who is you, fuck the rules, fuck the news, it's a lie
If you're ready to make your move let out two in the sky
They gon' have to call the national guard, smashin' 'em hard
You gon' get sent back to your god
Can't let these motherfuckers send me back to the yard
If I got a hundred million niggas with me, that could be hard
Cuz I just gotta pick the guns up, to make 'em put the guns down
Enough is enough is enough
Black kids gettin' gunned down
Wherever is your son now
The system corrupt
And when the sun down, you know that the shit gon' erupt

[Hook 2x]