"Fuck Da Law" lyrics - ONYX

"Fuck Da Law"

[Hook 2x:]
You ain't a shit without a badge and a gun
Fuck da law
We don't care if the base get done
Fuck da law
In the hood, no respect for them once
Fuck da law
You got a warrant and you war on the run
Fuck da law

[Verse 1 - Sticky Fingaz:]
I'm on a run, I'm a fugitive, play low key
Broke out of jail, they ain't built a cell that could hold
A help from the inside, escaped through the sewers
Swim a mile and a half, almost drowned in manure
I had to lose my scent, cause I know they got the dogs out
I ain't going back, fuck that, I'm going all out
Cops won't be happy, till I'm on side of ground
See a freeway, I need to hitch a ride for town
That's my only chance, jump in front of a car like a dummy
He slammed on his brakes and stopped two inches in front of me
Jumped out the whip like you aight, you aight
And took his car and his wallet without much of a fight
Ran through a light, crash right through a roadblock
I'm a spun out, fuckin' ran, I'm on full cops
The heat is on, I ain't trynna let these pigs get me
The A the only thing between me and the city

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2 - Fredro Starr:]
For all the pain, nigga smoke gas
Another night with the smoke from the tear gas
Yo we mobbin'
Niggas got gas masks, cops comin' duh
Niggas gotta tear'd ass, they wanna put
Handcuffs on my black wrists
You better know what the patriot act is
Federalies got my name on a blacklist
They wanna see a nigga fry like catfish
In the streets niggas dyin' like it's deathrow
Hundred mad till the very last breath yo
On some real shit, I don't give a F yo
I wish a cop would drop me [?]
The ones in the hood so disconnected
Police on the block get disrespected
Live by the gun, then you might die with it
There's a war going on so I ride with it

[Hook 2x]