"I Hear Black" lyrics - OVERKILL

"I Hear Black"

Bad or a wet dream
Feelin' so inbetween
Gun in my pocket an' a target on my head
Right on the wrong road
He talks to me through dogs
Not sure who it is but I know it ain't God

Feel like they're watchin' me
Know that they're watchin' me
C'mon, let's go, got two tickets to the moon
Now what are you supposed to do
When they got their hooks in you?

Do you believe me?
I was there
And did ya hear it?

Not my fault, wasn't even there
Rest of the world, all gone insane
Can ya hear the dogs barkin'?
Can ya hear the dogs speak?
Seen it on the TV, something gonna break
Now how am I supposed to breathe
When there is no air?
And how am I supposed to be
When those hooks are pullin' me

If you release me
Won't be there
If you leave me
I won't care

I hear black, it has no mercy
Repeating in my head

In my head
In my...

From the inside out
Talk to me in tongues
The worst of this I understand
That the flies are breeding
The wounds are bleeding
There'll be no healing in my house

From the inside out
You know I'm not the same

Repeating in my head
In my head